First Name: Jason

Age: 24

Gender: M

Time Zone: Eastern

Previous MMO Experience: AO, AoC, SWG, MO, CoX, CO, TR, WoW, FFXI, FFXIV, Lineage II, GW, V:SoH, and plenty more.

Previous FPS Experience: CoD 4, MoH AA, HL 1+2, Stalker, almost all Battlefield games, every R6 game, and countless mods for HL…and some randomly assorted fps here and there.

Application Referral (Code Killer recruit voucher):check comments.

Playtimes / Days (Please use GMT format): its kinda erratic, but pretty much everyday. Usually from 5-12pm (GMT), sometimes from 3am-10pm (GMT)

Character Name: IceWolf

Character Gender: M

Character Faction & Rank / LvL: Rank 101 last I checked.

Previous guilds / clans / teams/ units: Currently none, was in Deadly Intentions in beta (diff character name)

Your expectations of and from the Code Killers: Fun missions, lots of laughs over voip, and generally being honorable players.

In-game strengths / weaknesses: I’ve told I’m a rather skilled driver, the ALIG is an extention of my soul, and I can snipe pretty well. I tend to draw fire, so a decoy for escapes.

In-game preferred roles Primary and secondary (close combat, recon/sniper, Driver, etc): Primary, driver. Secondary, distraction/decoy/recon…and sniper.

Out of game strengths / skills which may be an addition to the Code Killers: not much help there, any skill I have you guys probably have as well.

Other comments: I was Kusanagi and IceWolf in the beta/KttC. I was in Deadly Intentions with Kusanagi.

Written on June 20th, 2011


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