The Code Killers began as a mercenary outfit composed of veterans of the most recent mid eastern wars, police actions, invasions or liberation, call it what you want. The bottom line was we were sent in there to kick some ass and ignore the names. Kick ass we did, some of our people got their asses kicked as well… We walked away from it, mostly intact, mostly sane, very skilled in the arts of war and very very deadly.

So we come home, if you can call it that, once it was home, now it was just a place, because it didn’t feel like home, the pieces just didn’t fit anymore… Then we found one another, one by one until we became the unit, group, gang, organization you see now. At first we started as mercs who did the “right thing”, we only made ourselves available for idealists on the “right” side of the law. The more projects we took on, the more people we met and worked for the more we realized that they were as or more crooked than the crooks, they just weren’t honest about it. They would smile to our face, act holier than thou and then with that same straight face ask us to steal something, kidnap or erase someone. That’s when we started on our newly realized course. To go for the money because most likely the ones we are working for are using us to screw someone else over. First we ran as “freelancers” taking from the establishment, then switched over to enforce the “law” when there were too many crims running amuck and money was right on the other side. Right now we’re back to “freelancing” because that’s where the the serious cash is at.

If you’re a skilled player, looking for the best game in town, you came to the right place. Leave your morals at the curb because we are out for the cash. Save the world on your own dime, on our own dime keep your shit straight, your barrel clear, and your aim on the money, got it? Good, now let’s talk business.

You think you’re cut out to be one of the Killers? You think you understand our code? Well we’ll see about that, we’ll see if you can keep up kid, we’ll see.. Stow your gear and grab a shotty, Good I see you can follow orders, Go join up with squad two and let’s see what you can do.

Code Killers is an organization which was founded to kick ass and walk with the prize. We achieve that goal with teamwork and organization. Watch your brothers and sisters back’s and they’ll watch yours simple as that. Use your head, stay alert, and keep your skills honed. You follow these simple rules and I guarantee that the cash will follow.
Still want in? Good send me or one of our organization an email or pm in-game and we’ll get you set up.

~Apex founder of the Code Killers

Written on February 2nd, 2010


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